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Reality Labs is a team of innovative Designers, Developers, Marketers and Teachers & based in the heart of Sydney.
We are working on several VR and AR prototypes, user tests, industry research and VR/AR education projects.

Virtual Reality has the potential to define a whole new world of entertainment and we are exploring the impact on and possibilities for user experience in that new medium in several of our projects. We are happy to share our equipment with you! We have access to the latest technologies including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Daydream.
We see an accelerated development of new technologies in the field of virtual and augmented reality that is only hard to keep up with. We have created a network of experts in the field who frequently exchange thoughts and opportunities to tackle the challenge of VR/AR adoption together.
With our combined experience in design, development and education, we are able to rapidly develop new ideas and analyse end-user impact of VR and AR solution. We are happy to share our knowledge in a one-day VR/AR innovation workshop to get you well on the way with your ideas – using the lean startup methodology.
the power of VR
We believe that Virtual Reality will have a major impact in how we engage with content and people in the future. The potential of a virtual or augmented reality becomes apparent when analysing the amount of industries that will be transformed and disrupted. Here are a few potential use cases, all of which are currently in a prototyping phase – this is not science-fiction anymore! 


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